1. farellzach's Avatar
    I was wondering if anyone has any connections with ALL KAPPS, the developers of the app. I love the app, it works flawlessly, it's smooth, and makes my life ten times easier. Obviously at version 1.0 it's basically brand new, and was wondering that if at some point the theme would be played with. I love how BBM 5.0 looks, but even if it made it just a little more stylish (i.e. word bubbles, contact pictures, etc.) I guess basically what I'm saying is I really want RIM to release threaded SMS finally, but was hoping maybe the developes of bChat could make it happen faster.

    Guys know anything?

    Or a program that has what I'm looking for?

    Thanks guys

    08-18-09 10:18 PM
  2. bebaegurl's Avatar
    My thoughts exactly. Hopefully those who have tried this app leave some feedback for the developers.
    08-18-09 11:51 PM
  3. jester1823's Avatar
    I emailed Kyle at AllKapps Software about a possible ETA for a Blackberry Storm version of BChat... he replied back within an hour saying he was working on a Storm version tonight and would hopefully have it released shortly.
    08-19-09 01:38 AM
  4. farellzach's Avatar
    Sweet so hopefully with that quick of a turn around time, updates for the little things will come out (maybe auto capitalization and punctuation!)

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    08-19-09 12:40 PM
  5. TONYG2388's Avatar
    I like Bchat as well. I turned on firewall so I dont get duplicate messages. My problem is when I reboot the phone it doesnt retrieve any of the sms messages while the phone was rebooting.
    08-19-09 12:58 PM