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    I've been using Snaptu since it got mentioned in a posting here a few weeks back.

    Snaptu - A Different Mobile Web

    Works well on my Storm, I use it many times a day, I've been able to remove other APPs and in general I have had no performance issues.

    Pure touch operated - no need to click, just touch.

    Snaptu is a free mobile service that offers you a selection of fun and useful applications.

    It has ACCUWeather APP, RSS feeds APP (with Google Support), Twitter APP. Guardian APP (great full feeds), Reuters APP, BBC APP, Picasa APP, FaceBook APP, Sudoku APP plus many more APPs.

    Has a British influence, with London Transport, Cricket and Soccer APPs but that should not be a big issue, there is enough good content to please all. You can add / remove APPS.
    07-10-09 02:14 PM
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    Plus it's FREE!
    07-10-09 02:20 PM
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    07-10-09 03:24 PM
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    The trillion dollar question for me is: How in the heck do you remove it?!
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    08-13-09 02:19 AM
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    Options>advanced>application then select the app

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    08-13-09 02:27 AM
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    i get a connection error when starting it for the first time. maybe because i dont have data plan?
    08-26-09 01:03 PM