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    Today based on this article I read, I tried out Snapfu for Facebook management (had to download from Snaptu, not the app-world link it gives you). I did so largely because I don't have a BIS or BES and so I can't use Facebook 1.7, have to use Facebook 1.6

    Also I was tired of some of the limitations I get with 1.6, mainly (1) it doesn't show newsfeeds exactly as the webpage does (then again this does mean it filters out those mindless "fertilizing crops" posts and (2) if you get a Facebook message & reply to it, it doesn't do so in the same "thread" also, lately, (3) if you try & view comments about someone's status, it seems to only show the most recent 2 (no way to see all of them).

    So far, I like Snaptu, it addresses all 3 of those concerns and like 1.6 (but unlike 1.7) it doesn't require a BIS or BES, generic data is fine thank you very much, and I like it that I was able to view the weather real easily. I haven't seen how it works with responding to notifications like friend acceptance etc.

    I did see some other threads in a search, but not many. Does anyone else have any observations of this application, especially (but not limited to) its handling of Facebook issues?
    04-23-10 02:35 AM
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    Snaptu is my social app of choice. My minimalist approach to FaceBook is managed well. Good for Twitter when not using UberTwitter. The addition of RSS feeds makes Snaptu the best of its kind in my hands.

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    04-23-10 06:56 AM
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    Yes, I am finding that I really like the application too. Compared to the "official" 1.6 version of the "official" Facebook app, It can pull up someone's "wall" detail much better, allowing me to comment on wall-to-wall postings etc with ease, which I could never do with the "official" application (that I could see anyway). This also lets me see their past postings, much easier than how thw "official" app does it.

    When I compose a message, by default after filling out one box it automatically tabs to the next one, saving me that step. Unlike the "official" application I can actually reply to a message, thus keeping it in the conversation thread. When I view comments on someone's posting, I'm not limited to only the past two (not sure when-why the official app started doing that).

    It's just much better for Facebook than the 1.6 version of the official app, and doesn't require a BIS or BES like the 1.7 version (that really made me mad when they did that!).

    I find the weather app in there handy too (don't Twitter much, can't comment). Then, today I discover Snaptu has an application for looking up words in an online dictionary (not sure of the source). Nice, I've never gotten around to adding a link to Wiktionary in Opera Mini, this will surely be useful.

    This is one of the handiest apps I've found in awhile. So glad I came across that article a few days ago & finally followed-through last night on it.

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    04-23-10 10:01 AM
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    Never tried the official FaceBook app. Too many bad reports about that one.

    The threaded messaging is a wonder. I cannot find a reason to move away so far. Time may tell for sure...

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    04-23-10 10:32 AM
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    I use Snaptu for Facebook most of the time. The one limitation I don't like is the time line is quite short and you can't load any more once you reach the end. Also, there is no indication of when the posts were made. Most importantly for me, Snaptu is fast.
    04-23-10 09:47 PM