1. seankly's Avatar
    I am currently using Black Track to monitor my SMS, Email and phone activity, not so much to charge on to other customers but more as a fall-back in case my boss queries my bills.

    I like Black Track but would prefer a solution that stores the information on-line instead of on the actual device.

    As i regularly update my OS for a new version, it means that all history from Black Track is erased, and if i don't 'send log file', i lose all previous log data.

    is there a system i could use online?

    06-14-10 11:59 AM
  2. BlackTrack_Support's Avatar
    BlackTrack has storage options that don't require you to send your data to a 3rd party. Time-Aid time-aid dot com and BlackTrack Desktop blacktrackapp dot com automatically downloads the BlackBerry activity log to your PC and stors it on your PC. It also gives you a lot of reporting options, allowing you to generate reports for any date range with sorts and sub-totals. You can take a look at them on the website and give the 30-day free trial.

    If you have any further questions, you can reach us directly from the 'Ask A Question' form on the website, or at support at blacktrackapp dot com

    Dave - BlackTrack Support
    06-15-10 05:58 AM