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    I am trying to see if there is an app out there to block both calls and sms from a specific "contact/group" or "not in contact list", which will also log the activity of each action it takes for review.

    (if a sms was blocked, i want to be able to see the actual message, same for a blocked call)

    The built-in firewall option won't work because it does not show a log and same goes if I implement a block using the service provider.

    There used to be an app called Callfiter for the Palm Treo's that did exactly what I'm looking for and has been very hard to find for Blackberry.

    URL: velocityware.com/callfilter/cfinfo.htm << app for palm.

    I also came across one that is made for Android also called CallFilter, which seems to come close to the Palm CallFilter App.

    URL: telemarks.co.jp/en/products/callfilter.htm << app for Android.

    Would be very helpful if someone can provide some help if there is an app that can do this.

    Thanks for your time and input.
    09-15-10 08:42 PM
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    SRS Call SMS and eMail Spam Blocker Powerful Spam Protection for your BlackBerry

    A full complement of features

    * Flexible and powerful spam engine.
    * Full integration with the BlackBerry inbox.
    * Full integration with the BlackBerry address book.
    * Complete monitoring of all e-mail accounts.
    * Full support for personal and corporate devices.
    * Full integration with the BlackBerry Incoming Call controls.
    * Full integration with the BlackBerry Incoming SMS messages.
    * Fully integrated Blackberry menus.
    * Fully configurable spam rules.
    * Block calls with using scheduler.
    * Block calls with no notification(ring , vibrate)
    * Block calls with profiles (block all,only contact list)
    * Block SMS text with using scheduler with no notification(ring , vibrate)
    * Block SMS text with certain words or numbers (unique feature for blackberry)
    * Block e-mails , domains, mail adressess or terms (in the subject or mail body) on any or all mail accounts using scheduler with no notification(ring , vibrate)
    * Block Contact Feature
    Block selected Blackberry contacts in the address book, This future blocks SMS's, calls and e-mails incoming from the selected contact.
    * Password Protection for block rules and logs.
    * Backup/Restore Rule Feature : Backup and restore your block rules.
    * Only one time purchase required, and all upgrades are free (1 year).

    It works with the standard e-mail application available on your BlackBerry, and it begins filtering call,sms,e-mail spams immediately after installation. Simple and effective.

    SRS Call SMS and eMail Spam Blocker works with both corporate and personal BlackBerry devices, and filters spam from all of the e-mail accounts set up on the BlackBerry.

    The software works silently in the background, removing all annoying spam messages as they arrive in your e-mail inbox, without ever bothering you or distracting your workflow.
    SpamBlocker SMS module on some networks there may be problem for block sms or maybe not work other sm3rd party sms applicaitons. Plase try to trial version first.

    Trial version block 30 spams.(call,sms and e-mail) or 15 days trial usage.

    11-22-10 03:30 AM