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    SMS Blocker will block any unwanted sms messages and it will not show up in your SMS Inbox. You will not get any notification such as vibrate, ringtone or LED indication when the SMS is blocked.

    You can block a sms message by the sender's phone number or by a keyword. When blocking the sender's phone number you can use a wildcard. For example if you want to block an area code 1800 then all you need to do is enter the number as 1800* any numbers starting with 1800 will be blocked.

    When you block using a keyword SMS Blocker will do a match on a word exact or partial.

    Blocked messages can be saved to the Calendar application. You can disable and enable this in the Preferences.

    You can use black and white list blocking in SMS Blocker. An option to block all SMS except in the Filters. This feature will block all incoming SMS except the sender's in your filter list. This is good if you only want specific sender's sending you SMS.

    Note: Only one 3rd party SMS application can be installed on your device. If you want to use SMS Blocker then you will need to disable or delete other 3rd party SMS app first. This is a BBOS limitation and not SMS Blocker.


    - Block any number
    - Block by keyword
    - Save blocked messages to the Calendar
    - Black and White list blocking
    - Block all 1800 numbers
    - Block all SMS except senders in the filter list
    - Block a Contact directly from the Contacts app
    - Block a Sender directly from the Messages app or Call Logs app
    - Small footprint and lightweight
    - Easy to configure and to use
    - Works silently when blocking. NO notification when sms is blocked

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    07-10-12 12:18 PM