1. John Yester's Avatar

    Some new features added?

    In v2.27, we introduce SmrtSecurity (see below bullets) in v2.27. Also check out our SmrtSecurity Resource Center on how to stay secure: BlackBerry & Smartphone Wireless Data Transfer, BlackBerry Smartphone Data Backup

    SmrtSecurity Feature Overview:

    * Anti-SPAM - With SmrtGuard Pro, you can now block unwanted calls (event private and unknown callers) and unwanted emails. SmrtGuard will also backup the list of blocked phone numbers and emails so when you switch device, you don't have to reenter again.

    * Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware - Afraid of someone installing spyware and malware on your smartphone? We got you covered. Setup scheduled scan and you will known when SmrtGuard finds a potential malware on your Smartphone.

    * New SPAM tab in the Dashboard that allow you to export your SPAM Blacklist.

    Other Fixes

    * Fixed "Where I've Been" coordinate display issue

    Anyone try any of the new features?
    05-13-10 07:19 AM
  2. Fargo's Avatar
    I haven't seen any "new" features in v2.27 nor 2.25. Version 2.23 was the first to include the spam and anti-virus features they mention.

    I'm definitely loving the new security features though! The call blocking will hang up on a blocked caller (though it may ring once) and the anti-spam filter will delete a blocked sender upon arrival of the email. Only downside there is that your email notification still sounds and LED still flashes though the message gets deleted - so you'll occasionally find yourself looking to see what your new message is about and finding there's nothing there.
    05-13-10 09:46 AM