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    So I attempted to install the Free Smrtguard app last night, it appeared to work, however it would not run. First it reported out of memory, then the app had "verification errors" with com_smrtguard_app-2. I did a battery pull hoping that would help and voila! the dreaded 502 error. Well thanks for BBSAK, I was able to remove the smrtguard cod file and start my Tour again (VZW, running
    Any ideas?

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    02-06-10 08:07 AM
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    Here are the screen shots
    02-06-10 08:11 AM
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    Yeah. When I saw your model phone at the top I figured you just hadn't changed it as of yet. There is something with the Tour's OS that doesn't let it download more than an alloted number of apps. If you try to download one more than that limit, you get the out of memory. Unless you go into options and applications and delete that latest app, if you pull battery you'll get the 552 error. It's happened to me a few times before I found this info on here.

    If you delete an app you need least, you'll then be able to download one other app.

    I hope 5.0 fixes this problem for my Tour.

    02-06-10 08:29 AM
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    That worked (sort of - I had to remove 3 apps).
    Thanks WCM for the quick and helpful reply!
    PS - good catch, I've updated my profile.
    02-06-10 09:05 AM