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    I have smrtguard on my bold and it seems to track me but the points show up on a green map with no detail, meaning it just shows that I have been to a series of points but with no relation to actual places!

    I want an app that shows me where I've been, for hiking and also trips in the car etc, so I can see where I've been. Does such a thing exist for free? I would have thought google maps would have the capability to mark down locations every few minutes, showing your trail?

    in fact, on closer inspection, smrtguard just says Iive been moving about in the Atlantic...which I haven't...!
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    05-16-10 09:03 AM
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    GPSed (not free but has a 30 day trial)

    LifeInPocket (free)

    If those do not work see if something here does: List of GPS applications
    05-16-10 10:48 AM
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    Do all of these work in the UK? It seems most of the apps are designed for the US.
    05-16-10 11:47 AM