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    Every so often I get bored and start looking at App world for something new.


    I keep my WiFi on most of the day but I am a forgetful type of person and quite often I forget to switch off my WiFi when I'm on the road or away from the house.

    I found an app called SmartWiFi put out by S4BB that eliminates forgetting to switch off your WiFi, and turns it back on again when you return. Its a rather simple program that associates your WiFi connection(s) to the corresponding cellular tower(s) that your phone uses for each WiFi connection you have setup.

    Using the cell location at my home it activates my home WiFi and when I leave home it turns my WiFi off.

    Should I go to a cell location associated with my WiFi at work it turns the WiFi back on and chooses my work WiFi.

    Yes your phone will pickup on your different WiFi locations but you will still be responsible for switiching off the WiFi adapter in your phone when your in between locations.

    This program does run in the back ground so I waited a few days to see how it impacted CPU usage and Battery life and as far as I'm concerned it has virtually no negative impact worth mentioning. It also starts automatically when the phone is restarted but does have a manual switch to turn it off if you like. It also includes a log of WiFi activity so you can see the end results.

    The Usage shown below includes me fooling with the program, since it was new an all.

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    02-15-12 08:34 AM
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    This app is new? I thought this was the app that caused all the camera reboots and restarts on OS6?
    People dumped it in droves.
    02-15-12 10:04 AM
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    Works Fantastic for me so I am going to assume someone else with a phone like mine can achieve the same results.

    This is one of the most useless apps I've tried! Totally useless, works sometimes and most of the times not!

    This app is new? I thought this was the app that caused all the camera reboots and restarts on OS6?
    People dumped it in droves.
    Don't remember saying it was new.

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    It's been out about a year now. It does work. I use it every day.

    02-15-12 12:21 PM
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    A lot of us use BatteryEx for a number of purposes; one is to turn wi-fi on and off. It has other features that I use as well so I don't need two apps for it. But glad you like it.
    02-15-12 12:58 PM
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    How does it compare to the free WiFi Manager application?
    02-15-12 01:26 PM
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    Oh man, now you guys tell me about the others.
    02-15-12 03:54 PM
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    I loved this app when I had my storm2. It worked very well.
    02-15-12 04:19 PM
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    Thanks Ramblin, I'm not sure Charles but I was just looking at WiFi Manager and it seems WM is also able to switch off your cellular radio when WiFi is available.

    My decision making process wasn't very complicated on this one. I simply listed utilities in AW by user rating and picked the first one that looked useful. I guess you could call it an impulse buy. I wasn't expecting much so when it did exactly what it was supposed to do and wasn't using any resources I decided to do a write up on it. I don't know about the rest of you but I am always forgetting to turn my WiFi off.
    02-15-12 04:23 PM
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    I've been using this app since my 9700. It's worked perfectly and never given my any problems. It's a must have for me.
    02-15-12 07:18 PM