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    I need some basic help. I have been looking and reading everything I can find in this forum, but can't find any basic answers. I have finally figured out how to create the new profile in the smartalert section of the blackberry options and have named it a new profile name, but that's it.

    When i get to the profiles how the heck do you select all of the profiles you have set to try and customize?

    Is there a basic tutorial thread out there that I can't find?

    I bought this ap trying to set certain rings, noises, etc for my family members and work accounts so i'll know when to look. I just need help with this in a bad way. I've been working on it for 2 days now (on vacation) and my wife is about to kill me!

    07-19-09 10:27 AM
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    I think what you're wanting to do it to create a new item in your profiles. Once you create it in smartalerts then go to your profiles and setup the new item however you want.

    For example I wanted a certain ringtone for when my girlfriend texted me without going thru all the pain of creating exemptions. I created a new sms alert in smartalerts with it set to trigger when her number texted me. I also use berrypopup so i checked that option to on. I named it to what I wanted in the blackberry profile setting near the bottom, set the LED color I wanted and set the reminder alert to the time period I wanted.

    Then go into blackberry profiles for example Loud. You will see the new item you created with smartalerts so set it up however you wish. In my example I set it to play the ringtone I wanted which is different than the one that plays when she calls me. Now I can tell by the ringtone if she is calling which I know to immediately answer or if its a sms text that I can take my time with.

    You can use this same example to setup email alerts or whatever.

    Hope this helps.

    07-19-09 11:42 AM
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    I appreciate the help, but I can't figure it out still? Do I need to actually set up an entire profile for each and every contact I want to ring differently? and do I need to set one up for email, text and mms as well?

    When I go to the "loud" profile, do I then go to the "edit" menu to fugure this out?I can see the one profile I made, but is is generic. I just can't quite determine how to do the multiple contacts with each type (text, email, etc)

    I am seemingly dumb as it does not appear anyone else has this question!

    Thanks again!!
    07-19-09 12:30 PM
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    You don't have to make a profile for anyone, you make the alert in smartalert. If mulitple contacts will have the same alert just add their numbers in, if not create a new alert for each. For examle if I create a sms alert near the top there is a place to set what triggers the alert. Their phone number or certain words in the text message can be triggers and multiple numbers or text strings can be used. If you just want to trigger when a certain number texts leave the text contains field empty. When you create an alert you have the option to make a new profile "item". Then when you go into profiles and select the item you created with smartalert you can set it to however you wish such as setting a custom ringtone, etc.

    07-20-09 08:46 AM
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    Can we get step by step... without all the wording.
    Simple please.
    How to set a sound for a certain person when they text.
    12-02-09 12:40 AM
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    Can we get step by step... without all the wording.
    Simple please.
    How to set a sound for a certain person when they text.
    I googled how to setup smart alerts bellshare and this was one of the many in the search its posted in the link below , maybe it helps .

    Application Review: BellShare’s SmartAlerts | BlackBerry Boards News

    and one off the bellshare forum as well

    www.bellshare.com • View topic - How To: Smart Alerts - Email Alerts
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