1. adulion's Avatar
    if create a tag with one blackberry phone could another nfc enabled phone read the tag?
    02-21-12 09:14 AM
  2. Vijik's Avatar
    Smart Tags app is by default installed on all NFC-Enabled BBs (I think/assume).
    If you want to make a Smart Poster tag where users can tap the tag to go to a web page, use Smart Tags app.
    Others can also read the same tag without needing a 3rd part app like NFCShortcuts.

    If you want to make advance and sexy (as one of the NFCShortcuts users called it) tags that do lots of things when tapped (using NFCShortcuts and maybe ShortcutMe) then others also need NFCShortcuts app (and the same settings as you) to be able to do the same sexy things.
    02-22-12 09:31 AM