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    Hi all,
    For those wanting to use Slingbox with their Torch, I know there are a couple of workarounds out there. One involves editing a bunch of files and the other uses ver. which I believe is for the storm. I found this version very buggy with aspect ratios changing and not able to work on Wi-Fi. It then stopped connecting altogether. Then I tried a suggestion I found on another site. It has been working very well, full screen and wi-fi as well as mobile. THE ONLY TRICK, as before, is you MUST keep the phone in landscape mode both for installing the software AND starting the program. After that, it doesn't really seem to matter. Of course, you will need a strong 3G signal to get any continuity. I have been using it for a week with, really, no problem. I will have to decide after the 30 day trial if I actually want to BUY a slightly flawed product from a company that doesn't seem to care enough to support OS6. A link to this version is below:

    **http://download.slingmedia.com/playe...ld_EN_US.jad** (remove the asterisks on each side)

    Let me know what you think. It may take a couple of tries; it took me three beforwe the phone finally asked to reboot. Remember, KEEP the phone SIDEWAYS through the download AND when STARTING the program.
    12-20-10 03:38 PM
  2. anon(363857)'s Avatar
    Yeah the sideways trick works fine on the Torch been doing that for awhile now. I rarely use my Slingbox with my BB, but the few times I've need to its been there and its been a lifesaver(various times when wanting to watch Ravens game and not in my own car(have XM radio). One time I just watched it on my phone will I was up in NJ having some work done on my car. Another time when driving back from atlantic city I set it to audio only connected via the headphone jack to the aux port in my wife's truck and listened to the tv broadcast through the stereo. I use my slingbox more often with the website for viewing on a laptop connected to a hotel HDTV while traveling. Love my slingbox...
    12-20-10 04:18 PM
  3. ItnStln's Avatar
    Does this work on the 9810 and 9860?
    08-09-12 07:44 PM