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    In response to the following questions, Sling Media gave these answers:

    Q: Why hasn't Sling Media added support for the new Blackberry devices? Why do you still not support CDMA Blackberry devices?

    A: Most smartphone operating systems allow a single software design to work on multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry operating system is such that SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry needs to be developed specifically for each BlackBerry model. That, along with the significant differences in each major version of the BlackBerry OS, make development and testing a daunting proposition for a product like ours. Worse, there are some very significant problems with implementing our streaming protocols on CDMA BlackBerry devices. Weve simply been unable to achieve the level of streaming quality that customers would consider acceptable.

    Q: What about adding Blackberry OS 6 or 7, or native Playbook (QNX) support?

    A: Again, based on the considerations mentioned above, we currently have no plans to update SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry to support new BlackBerry models that run BlackBerry OS 6 or 7. As for native PlayBook or other QNX devices, all we can say is that we are keeping an eye on this market to see how it develops.
    05-01-12 07:58 AM
  2. mzceetee's Avatar
    Why doesn't this surprise me.psssh Sounds very familiar recently heard from a Dish rep ....When I asked this very similar question...I still find it unfair with the PB stand point.
    05-01-12 10:44 AM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    Makes perfect sense to me. Once bb10 is out and more pb's and phones in hand the more will be done.
    05-01-12 10:50 AM
  4. killa4luv's Avatar
    thats actually a quite detailed explanation which makes sense, as far as earlier OSs are concerned. Playbook and BB10 r another story. Theyll come.
    05-01-12 11:40 AM