1. katrina2475#WN's Avatar
    I'm hoping I'm just missing something painfully obvious but I am not able to add new categories to Slicktasks. I go to "Manage Categories" then "New Category" but after I type the name of the new category, it does nothing. When I hit the trackpad, press enter, press menu.....nothing. Am I totally stupid and not doing this right? I've tried emailing and sending a tweet to support but am getting no response.
    05-13-10 09:41 PM
  2. coleslizzy's Avatar
    i have a Curve 8520 and im having the same exact problem.....Support has been NO HELP whatsoever either..i sent them an email and he replied real quick like the next day and told me the obvious, to press Enter at the New Category screen (no ****)...i sent him an email telling him that i did that but the problem was that nothing happens after i pressed enter and he has yet to send me a reply back..this is after a week..it seems like they run away from the problems where they actually have to think of a solution...so much for support

    it sucks because one of the reasons i bought Slicktasks was for the category function..i might just say f it and get a refund if possible
    05-19-10 04:43 AM