07-19-09 09:26 AM
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  1. jprintz215's Avatar
    I have had Slacker on my Storm for awhile. I have been hearing pretty good things about the Pandora app for BlackBerrys. I was wondering if anybody has used both and anybody knows which one they recommend.
    07-16-09 11:14 PM
  2. helives's Avatar
    I prefer pandora
    07-16-09 11:30 PM
  3. jprintz215's Avatar
    I prefer pandora
    Any reason why?
    07-16-09 11:32 PM
  4. raptor6977's Avatar
    I would just say download and test both. I also prefer pandora. Easier to use
    More of the music I like to listen to which is sometimes hard to find.
    07-16-09 11:51 PM
  5. johnnymac's Avatar
    I have them both. Kinda like when you had two girlfriends back in the day and you could never decide....you'd be with one and it was awesome, and then you'd see the other one, maybe hanging out with her friends or whatever, and you'd find yourself calling her the next day. This is like that.

    Pandora's recent update has brought the music quality up to par with Slacker, so that makes it even harder. They both have good points, but I find myself 60% Slack, 40% Pan. Maybe 55/45. Here's the good of both:

    + for Slack:
    I really like the caching feature. Love it. This one alone pretty much swings it for Slacker.
    Really like the cool extras like Album review, Artist Bio, and lyrics.
    Really like how the song view shows the next artist in queue - if I'm not digging the current song, I know which artist is up next.

    + for Pandora:
    Like how they have a menu pop-up that shows in every other app (reading a book, maybe want to skip the song that came up - hit menu/Pandora, and I'm in the app. Like that.
    Like their option of start-up play - when the app is launched, it kicks off right where you left off, for the most part. Do like that also.

    Those are the positive and unique differences in both that I've found - others may feel differently, and you'll find that some folks are passionate about one or the other, but I like the both (back to the two girls thing again...).

    There you go.
    07-16-09 11:52 PM
  6. MuDvAyNe's Avatar
    I use both but prefer slacker. The cache feature is awesome. It saves battery life a lot. I also like the 90 rock station. Pandora also only plays a few bands when you search a specific band.

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    07-17-09 12:32 AM
  7. Damn_Smooth's Avatar
    Slacker is pushed to your phone from verizon and pandora is not. Who wins based on that little nugget? He££ if I know.
    07-17-09 12:49 AM
  8. WhiteGold's Avatar
    Pandora FTW

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    07-17-09 02:49 AM
  9. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    Pandora is more for listening to something specific.

    Slacker is for listening to a variety based on genre.
    07-17-09 03:23 AM
  10. Gwiz's Avatar
    I have had Slacker on my Storm for awhile & just started listening to Pandora easier to use i think
    07-17-09 09:15 AM
  11. HardcorePooka's Avatar
    Big fan of slacker here. From what I've heard you get much better variety in music on a particular station on Slacker. I've never used Pandora on the storm but I have on my desktop and found this to be mostly true. Like a previous poster said... get both, try both, make your decision based on that.
    07-17-09 09:18 AM
  12. engsoccerfan's Avatar
    Slacker because if I want to listen to a particular song, slacker allows me to, pandora doesn't.

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    07-17-09 09:23 AM
  13. imiller's Avatar
    I have had slacker but now i use pandora. I get better sound quality from pandora than I did with slacker.

    Well at least to me
    07-17-09 09:26 AM
  14. tnt118's Avatar
    I really enjoy the way that Pandora picks the music, and I think it provides a more interesting listening experience. That being said, and although I prefer Pandora to Slacker, I do also use Slacker for some genre listening.
    07-17-09 09:53 AM
  15. cyryau's Avatar
    Why not have the best of both worlds. I use both.

    Slacker cache function is great, especially if you are on the subway where you dont get signal, you can still listen to music. You can cache up to 25 channels and they get updated everytime you plug in your blackberry.

    Pandora I also love because it finds new songs for me that I might like. I'm always discovering new artists through pandora. The BB menu function from anywhere is useful, and now they finally fixed the messenging bug.
    07-17-09 10:00 AM
  16. tdogg383's Avatar
    I have been using pandora for years now on the desktop online version and have customized many stations. the problem here is that if you start customizing a lot, you will get pigeon holed into the same 30-40 songs. I've noticed pandora not giving me much new music lately, and playing the songs I've given thumbs up to only.

    I use both, but enjoy the "new" aspect of using Slacker since it is currently giving me newer music, aka stuff I haven't heard before.

    Both rock though, and you really should be using both
    07-17-09 10:31 AM
  17. ladydagon's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me how to remove slacker from my storm. I tried highlighting and the menu key and then delete, but it still shows on the home screen. I tried removing the battery and reinstalling it. I'm a new user, and would appreciate any advice you can give me.
    07-17-09 01:03 PM
  18. Damn_Smooth's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me how to remove slacker from my storm. I tried highlighting and the menu key and then delete, but it still shows on the home screen. I tried removing the battery and reinstalling it. I'm a new user, and would appreciate any advice you can give me.
    Select the icon on your homescreen >bb button>hide. That's the best you can do with verizon pushed content.
    07-17-09 04:47 PM
  19. siulluro2day's Avatar
    Pandora... Its easier and more skips
    07-17-09 04:52 PM
  20. mergeman's Avatar
    I vote for Pandora. The quick mix takes songs from all your stations and plays them randomly. You can also use Pandora over your computer.
    07-17-09 05:42 PM
  21. clef's Avatar
    I prefer pandora. Slacker never had the music I wanted

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    07-17-09 09:34 PM
  22. OneWaySRD's Avatar
    I start Pandora, place my BlackBerry in my shirt pocket (easier to hear) and start working my landscape. I have a variety of tastes (Jazz: Wynton and Bradford Marsalis and the Seatbelts, Rock: Metallica, Country: Kenny Chesney, etc.) I choose whichever channel I am in the mood for and listen. It is as easy as that.
    07-17-09 10:32 PM
  23. Wenty's Avatar
    I think Slacker is better, but that's me. I have both, never use Pandora.

    I enjoy the album/artist bios, the save/heart feature and exclude feature. I also prefer the genre aspect of it...it's the music I want and enjoy. I've had it and used long enough that I've saved so many songs it's as if I have a personal playlist and spent a thousand dollars for music...all my favs are saved. It's a great app, I havn't spent a dime on music since downloading it.

    My wife sitting here next to me says the same, she also has both pandora and slacker....she says she deleted Pandoro a few weeks ago....I still have it but don't use it.

    07-17-09 10:52 PM
  24. Iceman's Avatar
    07-17-09 11:05 PM
  25. qgqlewis's Avatar
    I prefer Slacker. I like to see what an.d who is playing next.
    07-18-09 12:30 PM
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