1. OHvzwGuy's Avatar
    Yes I searched.

    Slacker has worked the past two days for about 8 songs. Then i keep getting an erroe "unable to retrieve song" (retry) (cancel) (help)

    retry gets me the same error.
    cancel does nothing
    help brings to a webpage http://www.slacker.com/support/retrievesong which cannot be viewed from BB browser and is not a valid link on PC.

    Tried switching stations
    shutingdown slacker
    battery pull
    permissions set to allow

    running os
    slacker 2.0.48

    Anyone else having the same issue or know what is the deal?

    feel free to BBM me if you have a solution. My Pin : 3054E075
    09-05-09 04:30 PM
  2. croldan72's Avatar
    I was having the same problem on 151, with Slacker 2.0.48. I was able to listen to cached stations, but not stations directly from Slacker. It didn't bother me, because I always listen to cached stations. I updated to 167 and re-installed Slacker yesterday and everything is working fine, even stations played directly from Slacker.
    09-05-09 06:03 PM
  3. TechNut79's Avatar
    I just went to update and 2.0.49 is now available.
    09-06-09 03:10 PM
  4. dbone15's Avatar
    The 151 radio causes significant issues with Pandora and Slacker. This is a know issue and has been discussed a lot on the boards. If your a heavy streaming radio person go with 167. If you don't want to use 167 because of themes, use the OOAK 7.99 hybrid with the 132 radio code.
    09-06-09 06:50 PM