02-11-10 09:45 AM
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  1. wilsopd's Avatar
    Just when I get my icons all arranged, vzw pushes more icons to my device!

    Most that are crap, and unwanted.

    Slacker is a worthy app but let me choose! Don't just dump it there!


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    07-16-09 10:36 AM
  2. mantray82's Avatar
    Wow i didnt get slacker pushed did anyone else?
    07-16-09 10:36 AM
  3. kstoutdog's Avatar
    not me... hmm...
    07-16-09 10:37 AM
  4. cherryjuice's Avatar
    Yeah I don't like it when I add new apps 'cause their icons screw up my arrangements. <I don't like change>
    07-16-09 10:38 AM
  5. armedtank's Avatar
    I didn't get it pushed either..........
    07-16-09 10:40 AM
  6. DOOG9517's Avatar
    I got it. I had resent my service books because I switched devices. If you want em just send service books.
    07-16-09 10:47 AM
  7. jnixbb09's Avatar
    I just noticed it was pushed to mine. This is driving me nuts with them choosing for me. AND it's taking up my MEMORY! This isn't fair!
    07-16-09 10:53 AM
  8. Norsk's Avatar

    All Sprint pushes is me.....away from them....towards Verizon.

    (I kid I kid, not trying to start a Sprint trashing thread :P)

    (Seriously though Sprint mobile, I'm leaving you for a redhead)
    07-16-09 11:15 AM
  9. zazzified's Avatar
    I got it too, which made me think I was insane. I deleted it previously because it was preventing DM from backing up my Storm, and then it reappeared.
    07-16-09 11:19 AM
  10. avt123's Avatar
    That's odd. I've never heard of a carrier pushing Slacker to devices before.

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    07-16-09 11:21 AM
  11. jnixbb09's Avatar
    I called and asked why, the only reason they would give me is that Verizon liked it and since RIM approved it they felt it was fine to push it out. I call BS... I deleted Slacker bc I didnt use it often enough and if i want to use it again ill download it myself.
    07-16-09 11:24 AM
  12. TabooBlue's Avatar
    I didn't get it.
    07-16-09 11:32 AM
  13. davidnc's Avatar
    I didnt either and glad , if I want it I would download it just like someone else said ,lol
    07-16-09 11:34 AM
  14. summerfish's Avatar
    You're right. I got it too. I have Quick Pull go at 2:15am everyday so that's how I got it.
    07-16-09 11:34 AM
  15. stkxppro's Avatar
    Just did a battery pull, no sign of Slacker showing up in the icons...seems strange that only some are getting it pushed..
    07-16-09 11:47 AM
  16. cdf3's Avatar
    I just resent my service books and also registered through the Host Routing Table. I didn't get Slacker pushed to my device. I'm a Verizon Wireless customer as well. Guess I'm lucky.

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    07-16-09 11:59 AM
  17. Chunkythunder's Avatar
    I had AIM pushed to me recently, but that was it
    07-16-09 12:08 PM
  18. mtraver's Avatar
    This is only getting pushed to Storm devices.
    07-16-09 12:10 PM
  19. mtraver's Avatar
    07-16-09 12:11 PM
  20. wilsopd's Avatar
    Nice catch! I did try to delete the vzw tunes and that other music identifier push that was sent awhile back... no luck... can only hide! same with the slacker icon.

    Good news---> its only an icon...very low memory.
    Bad news----> its one of 10+ that vzw forces on the phone...oh well.

    07-16-09 12:25 PM
  21. armedtank's Avatar
    Just got it pushed after I did a battery pull, VZW needs to at least give a way to permanently delete the service book.
    07-16-09 12:42 PM
  22. cdf3's Avatar
    I guess that puts to rest the question many of us Verizon Wireless users wanted to know. Does streaming radio with Slacker violates Verizon Wireless Terms Of Service? I guess not..

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    07-16-09 03:05 PM
  23. mikeman33's Avatar
    This is just like when everyone with a Pearl was being pushed Trooper Typing :/
    07-16-09 03:09 PM
  24. davidnc's Avatar
    This is only getting pushed to Storm devices.
    Not anymore got it on my curve 8330 this Am (pushed by vzw)
    02-10-10 10:33 AM
  25. UFCfan's Avatar
    nothing here
    02-10-10 10:35 AM
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