1. TONYG2388's Avatar
    Just downloaded the app and I love it.
    When I get text messages the music stops.
    Is this normal?

    Im trying to find info on the program but havent
    01-19-09 06:11 PM
  2. johnprimo78's Avatar
    I dont use the program, but I would imagine that is farily normal the CPU with the BB can probably handel so many tasks at once.............playing music with that all and reciving text at the same time may cause it to act that way
    01-19-09 06:16 PM
  3. xliderider's Avatar
    You can try caching stations to the media card as well. This also has the added benefit of using less battery power since the radio transmitter/receiver isn't being used to buffer the streaming music.
    01-19-09 06:19 PM
  4. cdf3's Avatar
    I know it does this for voice on my CDMA Verizon Wireless phone. Any incoming calls will stop playback. Kind of a added bonus. If not, you would miss all of your phone calls. I assume it's the same for text. It may not be a feature of Slacker. Probably has something to do with your carrier network. Not totally sure.

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    01-19-09 06:35 PM