1. gandolf696's Avatar
    My VZW Blackberry Storm 1 will not download the recently released Skype application for Verizon Blackberry’s. I contacted VZW tech support and they directed me to Download Skype for your mobile web site to download the application. Mine failed while the VZW tech's Blackberry installed successfully. We both were using the same Blackberry Storm 1 models, same Internet browser options, and are both running OS. The only difference is, I'm behind a BES and his Storm is BIS. They suggested I contact our BES support team. Of course my corp BES team states they are not filtering anything that would prohibit downloads. I have done several battery pulls without success. Any work arounds??
    03-25-10 05:30 PM
  2. Socadaddy's Avatar
    Try this. Open your native browser and go to Options in the menu. Select Browser Configeration and set your Browser Identification to Blackberry. Go back to Skype and from what I can remember, it will ask you to type in your phone number and press a button. Skype will send you an SMS text. When you receive the text, click on the link and click the Download now button on the screen. At this point you will be able to download Skype.
    03-25-10 05:59 PM