1. obaquerizo's Avatar
    Dear friends, since yesterday, Microsoft is roalling the new updated from MLM to Skype, so where is the love for Blackberry, platforms like Ios, Android, Nokia Lumia with Windows os are ready to go, but ous?, at the moment my WLM is still working! But for how long? Hopefully works out until the inveiled of BB 10. But at least we should get a skype preview like viber without the calling feature, well hope we get skype too.

    There are 4 operator that have the skype app as far I search, Vodafone, 3 in two countries one australia, and one of turkey

    Skype mobile™ para Verizon
    Skype en 3 (Reino Unido)
    Skype en 3 (Australia)
    Skype en Telkomsel

    01-11-13 05:10 AM
  2. D_shak's Avatar
    My guess is that blackberry 7 and older are really not a big priority for them right now. I would imagine that we will see the update roll out but not before the 30th. After that we will know the overall plan that they have for BB10 and thus have a better understanding overall.
    01-11-13 06:20 AM
  3. flyingsolid's Avatar
    As far as I am concerned, being a Skype and Verizon user, the app came as part of the phone and will never be updated. The app does not work with "live:username" format and I still live with it.
    01-11-13 10:04 AM

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