1. Sazzle's Avatar
    Does anybody know if you can download Skype?? Yep I'm new to this

    A friend has Skype on an i-phone, so I'm hoping I can get it on a BB and the calls still be free

    Can anyone help. Thanks. S.
    07-10-09 11:43 AM
  2. Ben_Trovato's Avatar
    Not that I'm aware of... Skype stinks anyway - look for new video technologies coming to BB and iphone by year end.
    07-10-09 12:21 PM
  3. weblou's Avatar
    For now you have to get IM+skype and it's like 20 or 30 $
    07-10-09 01:08 PM
  4. sunnydude959's Avatar
    Isn't skype still in Beta?

    But its on its way I think.

    BUT BEWARE, Vodafone (UK) don't include Skype etc. in their "500MB" or any other internet packs. They will charge at like 3 a meg.
    07-10-09 02:56 PM
  5. vsinc's Avatar
    I use iSkoot for Skype and it is mostly working as expected - receives and sends IMs and calls. Calls are not free but are "local" as it calls a phone number in the same country you are and then routes the call to the Skype recipient.
    07-10-09 11:32 PM
  6. ikhimani's Avatar
    ISkoot works pretty good
    07-11-09 12:01 AM