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    I have the storm for verizon and I'm loving that many of these great apps are becoming clean for the storm (no more permanent keyboard taking up half the screen)

    but one thing I have been patiently waiting for is a snow report or ski report app (similar to the ski lodge app or ski and snow report apps found on itunes). truth be told this is the only reason i want the iphone, other than wifi, i love snowboarding and wasting time in class looking at snow reports. and if you have seen these apps available on the iphone you know the REI snow report app just doesn't cut it, nor is it an app built for the storm

    has anybody heard anything, i feel that skiing and snowboarding are pretty big hobbies in north america and there is still nothing of quality as far as an app
    08-04-09 05:37 AM
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    I'm waiting on this app too!

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    08-05-09 06:40 PM
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    08-05-09 07:01 PM
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    there was a app that would only run in compatibility mode. I used last season. Im pretty sure it was called "REI ski report". Just google it. It worked okay but was kind of a pain in the *** to navigate. I know they make an iphone app that looks amazing. Im sure it cant be that hard to port it over to the storm. Do to it being summer in pittsburgh I cant snowboard. I deleted it for the sake of memory. Im sure by the time next season rolls around there will be something for the storm. Or atleast I hope there will be. Hope this helps. Im not sure where you live ,but if there is snow. Im jealous.

    didnt read the full post. my bad haha
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    08-05-09 10:49 PM
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    yea i've seen that rei ski report app, i got it going a few months back but what pain. one of those apps clearly not made with the storm in mind. you look at the iphone apps like this and their worst one is better than our best one, webcams, trail maps, ski reports, and weather reports, they have it all going in their ski report apps. and i agree, there would most likely be some coming out closer to snowboard season. i guess ill have to be patient, i just dont understand why these app designers wouldn't see this as an opportunity to expand.
    08-06-09 04:58 PM
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    I agree, the Zumobi REI app sucked, I had to ultimately remove it - way to slow, limited options, screen didn't fit the bold properly, etc... I know there is a new berryski app which tracks your gps location on the mountain and shows trails. That's neat, but the FIRST thing anyone who ski's would want in an app is the snow report. This is one of those few apps the iPhone has that makes me really jealous. I know you can check some websites, but they are not nearly as cool or easy to use as having a nice snow report app.
    12-04-09 04:03 PM
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    Maybe if enough of us email them they will develop an app for balckberry. Contact OnTheSnow
    12-23-09 03:56 PM
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    Why should we contact "OnTheSnow"? They aren't the makers of this software are they?
    I'm always going to the mountain and just noticed my friend's Northface Iphone app....I was sooooo jealous, but then I just made a call to my girlfriend on the fancy dancy verizon network and I felt better. Apparently ATT at Mammoth Lakes sucks ducks.
    12-23-09 05:49 PM
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    the OnTheSnow app was developed with eddit inc eddit, i saw the north face app advertised in ski magazine too and it too looked pretty sweet. we need these developers to pay attention us too. Especially since many blackberry users are older than iPhone users and probably have more disposable income to spend at ski resorts.
    01-06-10 01:39 PM
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    really need a snow reports app for my blackberry 9550
    01-19-10 10:16 AM
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    I have been developing an app in conjunction with OnTheSnow.com for the Blackberry that has much of the functionality you are looking for. I will be posting about it here on Crackberry soon. There is another thread you can monitor over in the third party apps section:

    There are screenshots of my app there.

    01-21-10 09:13 PM
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    02-05-10 11:35 AM
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    the onthesnow app looks awesome finally a clean app, just a question though, on most of the good iphone ones they are able to incorporate the mountains web cam stills into the app, under a "cams" section. is there any likelihood of this appearing on this app. that would top it off
    05-21-10 03:39 AM