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    Sixtools is a popular app, so someone should be able to answer or test this:
    If you set the volume keys to launch an app, will this also happen when the phone is in holster or while the screen is off?
    I don't want this. Because my case does use the holster function while keeping the buttons available.

    I use now ExtraKeys app, and this problem is happening now. The volume keys are sensitive keys.
    03-13-12 12:23 PM
  2. wolfee48's Avatar
    If your device is locked like mine with patternlock upon holstering or with the device password... the shortcuts do not open.

    I deactivated patternlock and device password, the shorcuts opened.

    You will run into the problem unless you set a device password upon holstering or get a third party locking app.

    **Edit: I forgot to add that I have SixTools and not Extrakeys.
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    03-13-12 12:36 PM