04-02-10 09:17 PM
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    I downloaded the app yesterday using my Sirius log in and it works perfect.

    Question - Now that I have Sirius on the go, I don't see a point in buying a Sirius radio for the car. I have an "older" model car that doesn't have Bluetooth. Is there something I can buy that would get Sirius from my phone over the speakers in my car?

    edit - Now that I think about it, it would work just like my ipod does with my Monster cable. I guess I just need to find an FM transmitter for my Storm?

    edit 2 - haha, I went to Monster's website and they sell the same cable that I have for my ipod but with a 3.5mm adapter. Now all I have to do is purchase a Storm dock for the car and I'm golden.
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    Wait. Something doesn't sound right here (not referring to the Howard issue, just the cost one).

    I had SiriusXMStreamer and Orb working fine but still needed a $2.99/month subscription to the online service (add-on to my car subscription).

    I downloaded the BB App and can use the same online subscription. It works fine. So my MARGINAL cost is zero.

    Are you saying that you had SiriusXMStreamer and Orb working WITHOUT paying anything for the online service?
    Nope, you cannot listen to it on the internet with any sort of software like orb without paying the subscription. I just checked my account, and there is absolutely no other option to get it on the internet. There has been so much false info flying around from people about this app.

    Ok for all the howie loving slits out there, its howie that is making the apps not carry him not siriusXM. Personally i've listened to O&A since '01 and love listening every day to them and now I don't have to worry about having apps that could fail on my computer to hear them every day. After using the app this morning while working, it was flawless. I now can have the best of both worlds, recording O&A with orb and listening live.

    Oh and to the people who think that pandora or slacker are better, you all are missing the point. I use slacker for music and love it, however they will never have personalities like O&A, Howie, Bubba(the fat ***), Chris Russo, Jim Breuer, NFL, NHL, MLB...etc. I could continue on and on but as long as siriusXM has those people and more they will be a company. They have pretty much finished their restructuring and are moving ahead to be the company all the subscribers knew they could be and have loved like me since '04. Please feel free to try to come back at me and prove me wrong.
    Also, the guy above who said it is howie's fault, yep it is. He is the money grubber who won't let you fans listen to his show. You all idolize someone who wants to nickel and dime you. Every point you made here is spot on. I say let them go without, I will enjoy my superior service.

    Anyhow, I took my storm 2 to the gym at lunch today and listened to C&R and Liquid metal. So nice..
    02-05-10 12:19 PM
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    is there any other app for sirius?? on a windows based phone there are a bunch but with blackberry not so much it seems
    04-02-10 08:24 PM
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    Anyhow, I took my storm 2 to the gym at lunch today and listened to C&R and Liquid metal. So nice..
    My favorite show!! I've been a C&R listener since 7/04!!!!

    I know this thread is a little old...but had to agree. Anyone on Sirius, check out Covino & Rich on channel 108 from 12-3 (rebroadcast 6-9)

    04-02-10 09:17 PM
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