1. nudave's Avatar
    The Sirius / XM app has finally been released! Looks like its for the Curve, Tour, Bold, and Storm.

    02-04-10 08:20 AM
  2. trucksmoveamverica's Avatar
    downloaded and seems to be working.

    and the answer to everyone's question.....no howard stern..

    Sirius pays him enough, they should be able to broadcast his show over the net.
    02-04-10 08:44 AM
  3. bow40's Avatar
    Was hopeing to see more phone models able to work with it. Lol mostly mine

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    02-04-10 09:01 AM
  4. Xopher's Avatar
    Apparently, they don't have the mobile music license for Howard. I guess he was holding out on those.

    You can always use SiriusXMStreamer with Orb to get Howard.

    So far, the app seems to be working well. It doesn't seem to have any problems resuming music after a new message notification, and the ability to save favorite channels is nice (plus seeing what is on other channels). I think the only thing that surprised me was the file size.
    02-04-10 09:06 AM
  5. cannonballgsu's Avatar
    Can you use one subscription on two blackberrys?
    02-04-10 09:11 AM
  6. bow40's Avatar
    You should be able to. Not sure at the same time though. U use the same login info on the computer so you can listen on any one

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    02-04-10 09:16 AM
  7. trucksmoveamverica's Avatar
    Can you use one subscription on two blackberrys?
    I asked sirrius yesterday, and they said yes you can use your account on more then one blackberry, or computer, Ipod, ect...But you can not use it on more then one device at the same time.

    I have it on my ipod touch and storm and works on both, not at the same time of course.
    02-04-10 09:21 AM
  8. trucksmoveamverica's Avatar
    I use pattern lock, and when the screen locks and I have to put my pattern in to unlock the screen, it shuts the radio off and I have to go in app, push pause, then play again to get it going again.
    02-04-10 09:27 AM
  9. F0nage's Avatar
    Is this another America-only special or is this valid anywhere? Does anybody know?

    I ask because I just installed Pandora and rebooted my handset only to find it doesn't work in my country. Bastards...couldn't they figure that out when I downloaded it from their site and saved me some time?

    Edit: America only. Bastards.
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    02-04-10 09:29 AM
  10. cgull's Avatar
    Can you use an existing XM online account or is there another fee?

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    02-04-10 10:24 AM
  11. Xopher's Avatar
    If you have an online/internet account, you can use that username and password in this app.
    02-04-10 11:06 AM
  12. Redx's Avatar
    This is awesome, but i wonder how long before they add more phones? Im on the 8330 curve!
    02-04-10 11:17 AM