02-20-11 03:42 AM
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  1. chrisvoip's Avatar
    now we offer also a generic version that can work with any SIP server. You can buy a license from our web, I cannot post a link here but go to voipswitch main page and there more products, retail mobile clients and you will find it. it works over wifi and 3G as well
    There are also voip clients for symbian, android and windows mobile.
    07-06-10 04:28 PM
  2. robmi's Avatar
    Since everyone seems to have a SIP client these days, here is ours:


    works on:
    OS 4.6 = 8520, 8900 and 9000
    OS 5.0 = 8520, 9000 and 9700

    If what you have tried didn't quite meet your expectations you might want to give fgVoIP a try . We think it works very well but obviously it is the user who decides.

    In the mean time we encourage everyone to try the client and let us know what you think.
    12-07-10 04:21 AM
  3. nebula65's Avatar
    If you're looking for a BlackBerry SIP softphone for your Torch, Bold or Curve (and other devices) you might want to check this out:


    They have a free trial version too.
    02-20-11 03:42 AM
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