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    I had some questions regarding a SIP dialer, first, if any of you guys can answer. I also have searched most of the threads on sip dialers for BB and have made a compilation of what I thought are the main things on those threads.

    1. Are the SIP clients embedded in the phone or you can still download it later in your phone?

    2. Do SIP clients work over wifi or/and GSM data networks?

    3. If the phone does UMA calling, and BB does, does it mean it can do also do SIP calling or it is somhow more advantageous to do SIP calling on a UMA phone?

    4. Does the SIP dialer mean you have to call a local DID number first to connect and hence using carriers minutes or the SIP dialer simply allows you to connect via GSM data network or wifi to a SIP provider, like you are connecting to a website via http protocol, a sip provider where you need to have an account with first like fring or freecall, etc and then, once connected to the sip server, you use the sip dialer you already have installed in your phone to dial from the sip sever account you have logged in?

    5. Is the SIP dialer intrinsically connected to a phone number, meaning are you assigned a phone number to a sip provider account, of the area code of your choice depending on where you're located, from the sip provider to make the phone calls or there is no need to as you can just make calls like you do from a softphone like skype or yahoo messenger without the need of being assigned a number, as long as you have money in the account of that sip provider?

    6. Do you need to download in your phone the software of the particular sip provider, say the softphone interface of freecall.com, or the sip dialer you already have takes care of it and, as long as youre connected to the SIP provider, you can just call using freecall.com like youre calling it from your computer software but now using your phone sip dialer instead?

    Finally, here is an overview of some of the latest I found from different posts on a SIP Dialer for BB

    a. There is a Vippie for Blackberry video on you tube that shows the existence of a SIP dialer but no info who has produced it

    b. technomindtech.com in India claims to have generic SIP dialer for iphone, BB, etc. but they still don';t respond to email or offer a demo an $6000 price for it!!!

    c. xeeta.com claims they have a SIP dialer for blackberry but I never got a response from them. Their website is still in waiting to show more than the first page.

    d. Nortel used to have a SIP dialer for an old model BB

    e. There is Fring and Siphon SIP dialer for Iphone

    f. For those that use magicjack, it is a SIP adapter itself, you magic jack dialer is your sip dialer. Question though is can you sync magicjack into your BB if there was a sip dialer for BB, can you turn the BB to a phone that has the number assigned to your magicjack?

    Please post here the latest on the SIP Dialer for BB.
    03-07-10 08:27 AM