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    I would like to use my old Blackberry phones with Blackberry Bridge to remote control my Playbook. However, I do not know how to get Blackberry Bridge to install on these phones because they do not connect to Appworld because they are not ACTIVE phones. They have no SIM and no number associated with them or accounts. I simply want to "sideload" if I can. And I do not know if there is any place to download a version of "Blackberry Bridge" that can be sideloaded onto older phones over a cable connection. I think these apps can only be downloaded through Appworld, which these phones have no access to.

    I have an old Curve 8900 and Storm which no longer are being used, so they have no SIM card and they are not active. I basically use them at home with Wi-Fi or copy videos/music to use as a portable media player to watch Podcasts. They are great media devices, I would never throw them away. I currently use a Torch9810 which I have downloaded Blackberry Bridge and it works great. But I would really like to have my other older phones capable of being bluetooth remotes.

    Some apps can be downloaded over the air ("OTA"). For example, I used my Wi-Fi enabled Curve8900 to download Trekbuddy and other Java apps and was able to download it without going through Appworld. However, my Storm does not have Wi-Fi. Therefore, I had to download the Trekbuddy ALX and COD install package and I believe I used a utility like BBSAK (blackberry swiss army knife) to install it over a USB cable.

    So my question is, can I download Blackberry Bridge from anywhere and install it on a cable connected phone? Seems like nobody likes to support Blackberry phones that have no SIM card or active account. However, they are still very useful for playing music and videos, games, viewing maps and tracking with GPS (with offline maps and Trekbuddy), and if possible as a bluetooth remote.

    Any help would be appreciated!
    03-09-12 02:15 PM
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    I feel your pain. This is exactly what I would like to do. Not that I don't support blackberry but I don't want to be restricted to a bb when I know they have a new release scheduled. I would love if RIM would make some kind of bluetooth remote for the playbook that functions somewhat like a bold. I used a bold 9900 on my playbook and loved it, but I feel like I'm down grading at this point if I toss my android 2.3 Sony Ericsson xperia out the window just for this one function. I would pay at least $80 for this type of thing but if I can use a old bb device for the same purpose this would be perfect not just for work with presentations, etc. But for media at home as well. I hope there is a solution for this.


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