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    This is one of my favorite programs but it's no longer working. Supposedly the trial is over, but I didn't even know a trial was what I downloaded. I tried re-installing it by replacing it, didn't work. Now I'm trying to delete the entire program but 1. I can't find it and 2. I don't even know how! Help?!

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    01-19-10 09:55 AM
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    Five more no-cost BlackBerry apps that will blow you away - Page 3

    Shrinkit for BlackBerry Menu Options
    To use the app, navigate to your Pictures folder in the BlackBerry Media app, and hit the BlackBerry Menu key while viewing any image. You'll notice four Shrinkit options in the menu, one for each new potential size. After you select the size you want and click the option, your device vibrates to let you know the command was received and a new, smaller jpeg images appears atop your pictures list.

    The default size of images taken with your BlackBerry's camera depends on your individual camera settings. For example, you can adjust picture size and quality at any point. (Open your camera app, hit the BlackBerry Menu key and choose Options. For more on BlackBerry camera settings, read: BlackBerry photos don't have to suck ) But if you're using Shrinkit, it makes sense to set both options to their highest settings: Large (1600x1200) and Superfine, respectively. You can always shrink them down later, if necessary.

    Shrinkit's different than most of the applications featured here, because it's not really free--at least the full version isn't. You'll have access to the complete feature set for seven days following the initial download, but after a full week's time, only the smallest resize option, 320 pixels, is available. The full version costs $8.99, which is absolutely asinine, in this humble blogger's opinion. But I'll gladly keep using the free resize option until the developer decides to give Shrinkit a reasonable price.
    The simple solution is to buy a licenced copy of the program after the trail period has expired.

    If you choose to remove it, it will installed at:

    Options / Advanced Options / Applications. Select it and choose Delete.

    There is another way to remove it, use Applications Loader in BlackBerry Desktop Manager. You can select or de-select which software is installed.
    01-19-10 10:40 AM