1. johnts's Avatar
    I currently have the Empower Mail Viewer app on my Tour. Is the 'show me the images app' better than the Empower viewer. With the Empower I still have to use show images sometimes or view a message in the browser. Will 'Show Me' be more seamless than Empower.
    05-05-10 09:41 PM
  2. croldan72's Avatar
    I've never used empower. But show me allows you to view your html email as it was meant to be displayed. All embedded images and limited links to images in the message are automatically downloaded. You get options to download from everyone or just those that you put on a safelist. You can also have attachments auto download. Images are stored in a folder of your choosing.

    I think it's great! Yes RIM should have included these options in the OS, but since they didn't, show me is perfect.

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    05-06-10 04:46 AM
  3. Ibn la Ahad's Avatar
    I noticed with Show Me that it's a bit laggy.
    05-06-10 05:38 PM
  4. tfrankson's Avatar
    I also have Empower and it shows the images as they actually are. It works fine for me.
    05-06-10 06:05 PM