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    ShortcutMe User Language for Notepad++
    Writing macros from your PC with color coded goodness

    This isn't an official release, and is in no way supported by ShortcutMe
    I'm just some guy who made this on his coffee break

    What is Notepad++
    What is a User Language
    Where can I download free macros or Notepad++
    Where are some good forums on ShortcutMe updates, or help with macros, and syntax
    Windows PC
    - Here's the free download link
    - I'm currently using version

    1) Launch Notepad++
    2) Click "View" on the top menu bar
    3) Click "User-Defined Dialogue..." in the view dropdown menu
    4) Click "Import" in the User-Defined pop-up menu
    5) Open the file included in this download called "Notepad++ User Language". It should be an xml format file
    6) Close then reopen Notepad++ by opening the syntax.scm file included in this download
    7) You should be prompted with an option to set Notepad++ as the default program for scm files. Click yes

    Creating a New ShortcutMe Macro File
    To create a scm file, just change the extension of any txt file to scm. example) newfilename.txt --> newfilename.scm
    If you've installed the "Notepad++ User Language" correctly, Notepad++ will instantly recognize it as a ShortcutMe macro file
    Type and behold the color coded goodness. Reading the syntax.scm file is a good idea

    The user language assumes you're putting spaces where possible, excpet for "key" macros. Operators count as spaces
    Examples below....
    ....Bad-> LaunchHome Screen;......Good-> Launch Home Screen;
    ....Bad-> NavMoveRight1;.............Good-> NavMoveRight 1;
    ....Bad-> Set$hr=GetTime;............Good-> Set $hr=GetTime;

    Please read the "readme" and the "syntax" file for more info

    ! This isn't an official release, and is in no way supported by ShortcutMe !

    Download link

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    Very cool.

    Now, if Notepad+ could send the macro file over USB port to BB, I could write a program that could read the file from USB port and run its macros in ShortcutMe.

    That means that users could write macros on PC and test it on the BB right away.
    12-15-11 09:54 PM
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    This is awesome!
    The instant testing sounds good too!
    03-27-12 10:13 AM