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    Hey all,

    I hardly post. In fact, I never post on any forum. I always find the answers thanks to others asking the same question. Even if it takes me weeks to search. I have been stumped in this subject, however, for over 2-3 months. I'm desperate. I can't find the answer to this (blackberry specific, at least) ANYWHERE.

    I have a Blackberry 9780 with OS 6 and Shazam installed on it. I have over 350 tags and that's not including the last 300 I lost while updating my OS ... (fml). It is possibly the WORST feeling ever to finally find a song you absolutely love and haven't heard in the longest time (10 years in one case) because you never knew the name then lose it to the abyss of media storage failures or updates, etc. It would be easier to recover if the songs I listened to had vocals in it, but at least 60-70% of the songs I listen to do not, hence the reason I LOVE SHAZAM and basically think of it as my life as I am a HUGE audiophile.

    Please... I need to somehow backup/export my Shazam tag list into some sort of Excel spreadsheet or Word document. I don't even know where the list would be stored. I tried backing up all the info on my BB and messing through the .ipd files to see if I can somehow stumble on the tags to no avail. I also tried to back-up 3rd Party Applications and open some .cod files in notepad to no avail. I need help. I've looked everywhere and tried everything. PLEASE!

    Familiar with all types of Phone/Web/Computer/HTML/Flashing/Rooting/Extracting jargon if it helps.

    I thank anyone who gave it a shot. I can LITERALLY not find the answer to this anywhere unless I had an iPhone or Android, which is ridiculous. If anyone knows anything or wants help on the same subject PLEASE POST. It might even be sticky worthy if enough people are wondering the same thing and somehow comes-up with an answer or great how-to guide for the exporting / backing up of Shazam Tags

    sensefulsolutions.com/2010/06/how-to-export-tagged-songs-from-shazam.html : iPhone Solution

    forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=714116 : Possible Android-Solution

    Thanks so much!!!
    12-07-11 01:02 PM
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    Hmmm. I believe Shazam keeps your tags in the cloud.
    Have you tried signing up and logging into their site?
    Not sure if this helps, but it states...
    By signing up you have the ability to view your Tag history, whenever and wherever you are and keep tabs on what's happening in the music industry with our regular newsletter
    Shazam - The amazing music discovery engine - Page not found

    Not sure if this helps your situation or not... Hopefully...
    12-07-11 02:30 PM
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    Unfortunately, I think this only works on newer version or after you sing-up. Not all you're older ones....=/ I want to back them up so they will be safe on my hard-drive
    12-07-11 03:43 PM
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    I actually tried installing the latest version of Shazam on a Blackberry (V 2.8) And under setting it did not have the login settings as it did for iPod Touch and iPhone on my friend's phones. Apparently, these feature hasn't reached blackberry yet which is TOTAL BS. Left us in the dark. Thanks for the attempt though.

    12-07-11 06:19 PM
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    anybody =[
    12-08-11 10:08 PM
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    01-16-12 01:35 PM
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    I can't believe this. This is why I hate upgrading OS now I'm still stuck with .666 on 9780 because of the fear of losing all my tags. Unbelievable.
    02-22-12 08:02 AM
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    Oh my goodness I have the exact same problem! I have a droid 2 and lately it has been taking a crap on me. I want to go get it restored or replaced but I don't want to loose all my shazam tags. I have around 400! Just like you I love music and when I hear a song I hate knowing I may never hear it again. That's why I use shazam. I tag songs I like and later download them but I have gotten behind on my downloading so right now I have a huge tag list. I want to find a way to back up my tags before I take my phone in to the Verizon store. I have been looking into this for a month and it seems that no one has a solution for non rooted phones. I can't believe someone hasn't figured this out yet. I did find the following thread as well but I can't seem to find a folder called "application data" to look for a .db file as suggested by one of the forum users. Also in this thread a user claims to have made a shazam backup app but I installed it and can't get it to work.

    How can I export my Shazam tagged songs list? - xda-developers

    I have a droid 2 (with the slide out keyboard)

    If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it!
    03-20-12 07:06 PM
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    I wish there was a way to do this. I just finished updating my phone about an hour ago only to discover I lost all the songs I had tagged... There doesn't seem to be a way to restore them either. I can't find where they were saved on my phone, if they were at all.
    03-21-12 05:45 PM