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    Hey all,

    I recently wiped my storm and wanted to start from scratch with it with .75....yea yea I know but I wanna try it out again. Had bbcrackman V1 and V2 and had some issues with v2 so anyways......I went to the bb app store to look for it so I could download it again and I couldnt find it. Did a search and nothing came up. Went to Shazam's website and they said that it can be downloaded via app store and thus provided nothing to click to download it. I am wondering....has anyone else had this problem? Since shazam is new to bb and had some issues (especally with the storm) have they pulled it off app world (sorry) to make it better? Any help on finding a link to install it on my storm would be great!! I really liked it. I did a third party app back up and I guess I could install it from there....oh wait...dumb me I didnt thinking I could reinstall it from app world...what was I thinking.
    04-03-09 12:35 PM
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    I still see it, under the top downloads, it has dropped to #2 behind Viigo. It can also be found under the music and video category.
    04-03-09 12:40 PM
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    Ok I got it now........I did a look in the third party apps section and well.....i wasnt the only one who had this problem so.....you can delete this thread.....I got it via a link from in there which sent me to the bb website app world on my computer and I sent a link to me from there. Thanks though....I will check it out again but I spent an hour yesterday looking for it in app world....
    04-03-09 12:44 PM
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    I cant find it either!!
    04-03-09 02:54 PM
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    its not on there
    i did a search for it
    04-03-09 03:21 PM
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    search on this website...it was taken off the app store (for some people) presumably b/c it was never intended to be released for storm users due to compatibility. But if you search this site you will find links for it

    Edit: keep watching this thread. Its called "help getting shazam" or something like that. For some reason I can't link it.

    Amrak (spelling?) continues to provide links to the files on rapid share. The link is limited to a certain number of downloaders, so jump on it quick and then follow the instructions in that same thread.
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    04-03-09 03:42 PM
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    If you search this site like the others have suggested you would notice that I have posted links to download shazam many times since the app world was released. Most of the links have reached their limit but here is one that is still good

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

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    04-03-09 03:53 PM