1. eyecon82's Avatar
    Hey guys...so I have my gmail set up to push...but only for any email that has the "from" field from facebook...i rather not have any other gmail pushed to me since I can check it with my google mail app

    however, when I do get a facebook email, it comes up as a facebook notification instead of it being in actual email format, like any other push email would be.

    When I open it up...it brings me directly to the facebook app ...instead of actually opening the email sent from facebook

    has anyone else noticed this?

    I removed the filter and I stopped getting the alerts....

    I find it weird that RIM's BIS service can actually know your filter is facebook and automatically have your facebook program open up the message instead of the actual email app

    can anyone explain this please? Thanks
    08-12-09 07:15 PM
  2. cavingjan's Avatar
    Go into the facebook app and change the option for leaving the message on the mail server. that should take care of it and leave it in both places.
    08-12-09 09:36 PM
  3. eyecon82's Avatar
    ahhhh....i see..thanks for the help!
    08-12-09 09:42 PM