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    I'm trying to understand the development side of Blackberry devices.

    I want to write a small server-side script which allows me to simply send a message to someone's Blackberry messenger service. I am fluent in the server side code, I just need to understand the Blackberry system.

    Ideally I would specify their mobile number or email address or BBM username and can send them a message.

    I don't want anything client side, and nothing relating to creating a Java-based Blackberry app. I want a simple HTTP API, such as blackberry.com/api?send_message&user=jimmy@hotmail.com&message=he llo+jimmy+how+are+you

    I don;t really use my Blackberry anymore, so I don;t understand usernames, pins etc. Can you mention also exactly what I would need to collect off the user to do this (mobile number, email, username etc.)]

    To give an idea what I am doing it would be similar to this:

    Imagine if crackberry.com decided to allow people to register for this forum with either their mobile number or Blackberry username instead of email address (which people are starting to use less these days, especially younger mobile phone users) - instead of sending out an email to confirm registration to the forum, the site would send a message to the server-side API (along with the Blackberry mobile or username) and the new registrant would see the signup confirmation in BBM. That way there is no need for email, and a BBM user could use their mobile number to register.

    Is this possible? Please remember, I do not want to create a Java-based app for any of this. I just want a web application to send a message to somebody's BBM so they see it on their phone.
    04-26-12 09:00 AM
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    Blackberry doesn't have a server api / server open for developers to do this.
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    04-26-12 10:31 PM
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    pretty obvious that they wouldnt let a random webserver contact bbm contacts...

    That would open a huge, huge door for problems.

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    04-26-12 10:48 PM
  4. davesmith12345's Avatar
    Actually papped, you sound like you only know about BlackBerrys and not the real world.

    Twitter and Facebook's messaging system allows developers to do exactly this and so do many other messaging systems.

    I believe I have found how it can be done by sending a message to the Blackberry device when I know the PIN of the device.

    In fact you can even capture the PIN of a device using JavaScript or an app - so this is pretty simple.
    04-27-12 04:49 AM