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    I've noticed a few of my friends with iphones have been updating there statuses saying for example "jim bob is at 24, church street - via facebook for iphone" you can then click on a link to 24, church street and it takes to to a facebook page with a map showing you where he is exactly, is there a way you can do this on a blackberry?

    i know you can send a link from blackberry maps to facebook as my status, but its come up like this "You have received a map location.http://maps.BlackBerry.com/?lat=52.57121&lon=-1.20671&z=1&address=Bri**s+Close&city=Nar***ugh&re gion=England&country=United+Kingdom&postalCode=LE* *2" and it all confusing and messy haha, is there i way i can post my location so its simple and easier for my friends to read like the iphone version?

    if you wondering why i am asking this, i go to a lot of places and have to send my friends on facebook information on where i am so they can meet me, and if they dont have bbm its really confusing for them, so this would be very useful

    09-19-10 04:51 AM
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    At the moment this is only available on the iphone app however there is a way around it.

    Go to Welcome to Facebook | Facebook (touch . facebook . com) and you should see the places tab and I'm sure you can check in from there.

    Alternatively download the foursquare app to your Blackberry, create an account and then from foursquare you can link your account to facebook and twitter and share your locations that way.

    Facebook places is in essense just a copy of foursquare anyway.
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