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    About a month or so ago I came across an APP that adds a command on the menu option called "Send To Self" where a person adds their own email address in the app and when viewing a webpage or photo etc and when they hit the Menu button there is a string that says "Send To Self" that can be clicked to email yourself the link or item.

    Now do you think I would have bookmarked that one but,.. I didn't. Does anyone have a link to that Blackberry App? It was listed as freeware on the site that's all I remember.

    Can you help?


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    05-25-10 10:13 PM
  2. Kylecore's Avatar
    Never heard of such an app but if I want to share something I just use some built in settings.
    I added myself to my address book, put down my cells numbers and email and pin and when I want to share or send something I just use share with friend and type in my own name.
    Works great and gets rid of an unnecessary app

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    05-26-10 10:17 AM