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    I'm planning on selling my BB since I'm picking up a Droid Incredible. My question is when people switch completely (eg. iPhone, Android, etc) do they sell their apps or is the money spent lost?

    When I login to the store it shows that I can update my device used with the PIN but I'm not sure if this can be done for EACH program bought in the case of selling each app off separately.
    04-26-10 07:34 PM
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    I think you might be able to do it but it might be complex. I'd think you'd need to be able to change the email associated with the app as well as the pin if you were to try selling them separately. Otherwise the purchaser would probably only be able to get the app one time or you might have to do it. Or maybe you can only change the PIN globally meaning one time for all apps associated with a current pin.

    Good luck with the new phone and platform.
    04-26-10 08:01 PM
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    It probably says in the user agreement whether they can be resold or not. Generally, they are just licensing the right for you to use the software and you don't "own" it in the sense that you could resell it. It varies tho and I don't know how much effort or thought is put into the licensing agreements by these app makers or if they use boilerplate language copied from somewhere.

    IMO, its probably just better to use them as selling points when you try to unload it.
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    04-27-10 02:48 PM
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    You can give them away but you can't resell them unless you are a licensed reseller for each app you plan to sell.
    04-29-10 09:20 AM
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    From a developer's perspective, however people can work it out so that the apps are only installed on one usable phone per copy purchased is fine with me. Unfortunately, what happens a lot is an old phone is handed down or sold off with the apps still on it, then the apps are downloaded free to the replacement phone. In that case it's most fair to the developer to purchase another copy and if you want to have whoever you sold the phone to pay something for the apps too then that's fair to everyone. You could download desktop install copies of the apps for the old phone's new user so they can reinstall the apps when needed even though they don't have the apps in their store account.
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    04-29-10 12:08 PM