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    Last year I had a great idea for an app and, given my absolute lack of application development background, I hired a local company to develop the app for me. I originally wanted to develop the application for the iPhone but limitations in iOS prevented it so we decided to develop it for RIM.

    Since the application has been developed, my schedule and other commitments have prevented me from marketing the app successfully. It's been released onto the Blackberry AppWorld with an ad-supported free version and an ad-free paid version.

    I built a website to collect signups to gauge potential consumer interest and product-market fit. Received a few hundred signups with little more than word-of-mouth promotion.

    Nevertheless, sales have been molasses-slow and the reason is *mostly due to my inability to put time and energy into the marketing and promotion of the app. So, my question is two-fold:

    1. Should I try to find a buyer to sell the completed application to? If so, where could I find said buyers?
    2. Should I hire a company to help me market and promote the application?

    *Could also just be lack of interest in the app but too little effort has gone into promotion to prove that.
    10-13-11 03:15 PM
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    I just looked over your app real quick, here's a little bit of feedback.

    1) If you try to sell it you probably aren't going to get anything near what you are looking for in regards to $$$. There are already a couple apps that do that same thing, but your app has a nice ui so you can still make some money with it. But its a fairly simple app to write so I thats why I say you probably wont get much $$$ for it.

    2) You need to add all the new phones to compatibility. You are loosing a HUGE audience by not supporting OS 7 devices, 9800 and 93xx devices. Fix that and youll probably see things turn around pretty fast.
    10-13-11 05:45 PM
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    What is the app?
    10-13-11 07:08 PM
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    10-14-11 10:15 AM
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    Hope you get some sales man, but there's free apps that do this (granted by a company that is often accused of obtaining/selling consumer info, which would explain the "free" bit) at Free ASAP Free - Ignore Call and Send Custom SMS - Download ASAP Free - Ignore Call and Send Custom SMS - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World
    Good luck!
    And +1 to what Shao said about supporting the 9800 and 9330, at the very least. I see lots of 9330 these days cuz you can get one for free on contract.
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    10-14-11 11:31 AM
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    I do have a free version that has sold but not as well as I'd like. I definitely think the device support is an issue and have spoken with my developers about it. Thanks for the feedback!
    10-15-11 01:32 PM