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    SBSH Historia 1.0 for BlackBerry Released! - SBSH Forums

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    After several months of intensive development efforts, we are excited to announce today the release of our new utility for BlackBerry devices, SBSH Historia!!

    Historia is a utility designed for professional Blackberry users who need advanced call logging capabilities. With Historia you can effectively manage and track your calls for any of your professional needs! Manage call log of up to 1000 calls, automatically log specific (or all) calls to your Calendar as appointments, extended call logging with full details about each call - including cell ID for location identification and much more!

    This is also a great time to properly introduce our new team member, Ronen, who is managing the Historia development and will be active here at the Historia forums along with the rest of our team to help you all with any questions and feedback you will be posting.

    After this short introduction, lets start looking more closely at the different features Historia offers!

    A Closer Look at SBSH Historia

    1. Calendar Logging One of the great features Historia offers is the ability to automatically log your calls (or only specific pre-defined calls) directly to your BlackBerry Calendar!

    When enabling Calendar Logging feature, every call activity made from your phone, either incoming or outgoing call, will automatically insert a new appointment to your Calendar. Each newly created appointment like this will include the full call details: outgoing/incoming, date and time, caller name, phone number, duration and even cell ID for location indication when available!

    Calendar Logging is a great feature for professional users who handle calls with different clients and are looking for a way to track their calls with each of their clients on a regular basis. Since each of these calls is then automatically inserted to your Calendar, it will also be available when syncing your Calendar with your PC via your PC Calendar application.

    2. Calendar Logging Filters When using Calendar Logging feature, most chances are that you would only want to log calls to your calendar from/to specific callers and specific phone numbers instead of inserting all calls you make to your calendar.

    Using Historia Settings, you can configure advanced filters that helps you control which calls will get logged to your calendar, leaving all other calls outside of your calendar. Using these settings you can configure Historia to log to your calendar only calls from specific list of phone numbers, and/or, based on the call type basically limiting calendar logging only t outgoing and/or incoming calls and other call types.

    Using these powerful filtering capabilities you can easily configure Historia to log only calls from specific clients or specific friends that you wish to closely track, while leaving other calls outside of your calendar

    3. Extended Call Log - The first feature Historia offers is a greatly extended call logging capabilities allowing you to store up to 1,000 of your calls activity! With such extended call log you can save your call history for several months. With that size of call log, you can see for each call you make or receive, all previous calls for this specific number.

    Having an extended call log can help you review previous calls and find calls without worrying that their details will get lost. You can easily track history for specific phone numbers and see whether you've had any activity for a specific phone number on your phone before and so on.

    Additionally, Historia call log offers filtering capabilities that will help you find calls to/from a specific phone number, filter calls list by call type (incoming/outgoing/error etc.) and more!

    Historia call log display also provides all of the built-in call log features, such as Call Number, SMS, Save To Contacts and more. This allows you to completely replace your BlackBerry built-in call log feature with Historia and use it as your primary call log solution!

    4. Detailed Logging - Historia call log offers full details about each of the calls logged! This allows you to analyze and extract far more details from your call log. Among the extended log details Historia is storing for each call action you will find: call duration, caller name (when available), phone number, incoming/outgoing call, call error in case the call failed - including error reason and also cell ID - allowing you to locate your position at the time of call!

    Additionally, you can view a complete summary of your entire call log data to quickly view the number of calls in your call log and the total duration of your calls

    5. Call Log Exporting - Having the complete extended call log available at your BlackBerry can be really nice, but, handling large amounts of data when you're looking to do some extensive analyzing require more advanced tools. To do so, Historia offers the ability to grab your call log file from your BlackBerry to your PC. All of your calls are stored in a standard CSV file that you can easily open and edit using your PC Excel or similar data editor applications!

    Once you have your complete and extended call log available at your PC you can easily do advanced analyzing and process on your call log to extract any details you like.

    6. Full BlackBerry Compatibility - Historia is designed for use with all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.2 or higher. Historia supports both BlackBerry devices without touch screen, and BlackBerry devices with touch screens (such as the Storm).

    Historia interface will automatically fit your specific device hardware that can be used easily both with touch and non-touch BlackBerry phones.
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