1. tcannizzo's Avatar
    Every time I restart my computer Roxio kicks off Windows Installer and tries to configure Roxio. When it finally gets to the point where it is looking for a .msi file it is nowhere to be found.

    Anyone else been through this?

    BTW I went to the Roxio message board and was shown to the door because of the "Blame Game" saying that they don't spport OEM software. 8-(

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    01-17-10 09:24 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    I can't answer your question other then to suggest repeating the download of the Desktop Manager with Roxio Media Manager.

    Use the Windows Control Panel to remove both Desktop Manager and Roxio, then do a fresh install.

    Roxio is a lot easier to live with if you do not enable "Run at Startup". That really slows down a restart.
    01-17-10 10:19 AM