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    RollerFlash is a lightbar flash-pattern imitator, so far with a collection of 10 nostalgic patterns:

    Police: International
    Police: New York '76
    Police: Ann Arbor '88
    Police: Pull-Over (alternating headlights with blue strobes overlaid)
    Police: Millennium
    Fire Truck
    Old Fire Engine
    Scene Commander (green & white)
    Security Vehicle
    Send it Back (simulated malfunctioning light, random colors & patterns)

    With an upgrade coming soon, suggestions are being solicited for patterns (from actual vehicles you've seen) to add to the app in the upgrade. Please give type of vehicle, approximate year, locale, and a description of the colors, layout and pattern.

    Right now RollerFlash has a 3-channel flashing system with each half of the screen and the LED being an independent channel that can change state (any color or brightness) 20 times a second.

    Of special interest are classic patterns including international, such as major international cities and state police and major municipal patterns from around the U.S. (things that people will generally recognize), although there is also a place for unique and especially interesting patterns from anywhere. For example I doubt that any of you would recognize the name of my local beach but they have cool flashers like nothing else I've seen anywhere else.

    Feel free to attach photos and links to video or sounds (public-domain sound bites only, please).

    Thank you...
    05-14-10 07:05 AM