1. money69's Avatar
    I bought this for my 8900 and under OS 5.0 it worked fine. I just got a 9700 and for some reason no matter what I cant get it to run. The weird thing is that theres no error. It downloaded and when I click on it, it just sits there as if I did nothing, no error and the program doesn't start.

    Any ideas? I really use this every day.

    01-31-10 06:23 PM
  2. mper's Avatar
    Hi Money69,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles migrating Role Call to your new phone. Role Call should work on your 9700. Is it possible that the BlackBerry Tasks app is not installed on your 9700? Role Call needs the built in BlackBerry Tasks app in order to run. Also, the newer versions of Role Call should give you some sort of message why it can't run. Is it possible that you installed an older version? Please check that you have version or Please feel free to contact support if you are still having trouble.

    02-01-10 06:50 AM