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    Has ANYONE managed to get this to work yet ?

    I've tried two different accounts, reinstalled numerous times, followed the instructions to the letter, and it continually tells me that my username is wrong, despite happily being able to log into their website.

    Seriously... WTF ?

    Anyone who has managed to get this to work, please tell me what you did differently! I've got the APN ser up and everything... but NOTHING.

    02-06-10 11:19 AM
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    I've been having problems as well. As far as I know it accepts my username but I keep getting an error when I try to update the channels. I emailed the developers and got the following reply:


    We are currently aware of this issue and we are doing in house testing to resolve the issue. Please bear with us during this time we will get back to you soon when we have resolved the issue. We appreciate your feedback and patience.


    If you are still having issues over the next few days please try some of the tips listed below to assist you.


    We have had a few issues with certain Blackberry devices.

    1.****** Usernames and passwords are now not case sensitive.

    2.****** Check that you have your APN connection setup correctly. (refer to device manual)

    3.****** Devices with old firmware are advised to update to the latest available. (manufactures website)

    4.****** The only way we know how to enter the password without it automatically turning into upper case is to type the first letter of your password twice then delete the first letter. Hope this helps with the problem.*


    Please find below I few helpful instructions for you.


    1. Setup APN:
    Setup your BlackBerry device ready to make a direct internet connection from the ROK TV application. This can be achieved by opening the main menu and selecting the following:

    Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP/IP

    If not already set, enter the settings from your mobile network provider that allow full internet access. The settings should include the following information:

    APN: [Name of the mobile network provider APN] Username: [Username provided by the mobile network provider] Password: [Password provided by the mobile network provider]

    The above settings will be available from your mobile network provider.

    2. Use your mobile device to navigate to the following URL:

    3. Login using your ROK TV username and password:
    Using the Download the ROK TV Player to your mobile device by following the information on the instruction boxes.

    4. Locate the player (normally in your applications or downloads folder) and launch it.5. Setup the ROK TV player:
    The ROK TV player will attempt to update channels the first time it is run. This will fail initially as there is no username and password set in the ROK TV player. In order to set the username and password in the player, press the menu key and select 'Settings', followed by entering the details below.

    ROK TV Username and Password:





    Once entered, press the menu key and select 'Save'.

    PLEASE NOTE: The username and password are case sensitive

    6. Update Channels:
    You can update channels by either selecting 'Update Channels' from the menu, or by clicking on 'No channels'. The player will proceed to update channels and once complete you will be shown the channel listing.

    7. Watch Channel:
    Select a channel to watch from the listing and after a short buffering period, the channel will begin to play.

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    02-06-10 11:31 AM