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    It would really help problem troubleshooting. Now I am getting several error messages when I power up my phone. 3-4 Java language errors, Worldmate and a few more. Now I have to go throught a complicated troubleshooting process to find out what app, or combination, or combination is the problem. (BTW I've been using BB Travel for a long time and these error messages just started).
    It would be a lot easier if I could look up or sort apps by the dates updated-added. There are 2 sorts available in App World-My World (name & file size) - RIM - could you add "Date" as well? I'll post this to a RIM site.

    Can anyone help with a way to find the dates on app updates?
    07-14-12 11:33 AM
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    Repair progress -started with 13 error messages:
    I just deleted PhotoStudio and got rid of
    --two "Appl Terminated" messages for psbridge and photoeditor, and
    --one java.lang.Error.
    That leaves me with
    --9 java error messages and
    --one "Appl Terminated" for worldmate.
    I'm restarting just in case it takes multiple restarts.
    07-14-12 12:38 PM