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    Im doing my quarterly app frenzy - its when I go into App World and download apps I would like to try, try them and then remove the ones I dont need or like. I saw many apps with good review and some with bad reviews. I was intrigued by some of the negative reviews for apps that I've used or currently have installed.

    For example: The Bank of America app is rated poorly. IMO, this app works absolutely fine. I've had no issues with it.

    I began this ponder on why an app like has only 2.5 stars. Here's why:

    1. Apple and Android versions of some of the apps in App World seems to have more enhanced features. Using BofA for example: the BlackBerry app cant do mobile check deposit. Apple's and (I think) Android's version can. Now when BofA advertise this feature in commercials, they don't blatantly disclaim that this feature is only offered on certain devices. Keyword, blatantly. You'll see bad reviews because of this. People want all the latest enhancements.

    2. A huge effect is that there are too many variations of the BlackBerry out there. Most likely the app developer optimized for the high-end device only. Take a web developer for example. Before a developer develops a website, they look at what browsers are commonly being used. From there, they determine which versions of the browser the site needs to be optimized for. This is the same process that most developers use. Developers will optimize their app for the latest device. If you have an older device, you'll be stuck with the old app version or the latest app version wont work as smoothly, therefore; complaints and bad reviews. As stated above, the BofA app is great for me, however; I have a high-end BlackBerry (Bold 9930). My experience is going to be different to those who are still on OS 6.

    Primarily focusing on point #2, is RIM making it hard on developers to get the true credit they deserve due to the saturation of outdated BlackBerry devices? It seems to me that this could be the case.

    If everyone was on the same or similar platform, would, the reviews be better and would app developers support us more?

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    11-03-12 08:12 AM
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    As far as point#2 goes, developers have the option of releasing their app for specific devices. Sticking with the banking example, my bank (Chase) released its app a while back. Initially, it wasn't available for the 9780. I don't know why, but it was one of the devices left out. Chase subsequently did release the app for the 9780, but here is an example of a dev proactively choosing the app's target consumers.

    I've seen other devs not limit the audience, and just put a disclaimer in their description "Does not work on OS x.x" or "App for BlackBerry XXXX only.", etc. If someone who doesn't have said OS or device model(s) downloads the app and leaves a bad review, developers have the capability of submitting reviews for deletion (this feature is abused too, but that's a whole separate thread ) Larger, institutional level developers (like banks, airlines, etc.) probably don't care, because their livelihood doesn't hinge on app sales.
    11-03-12 02:15 PM

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