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    03-30-10 02:02 AM
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    the only app i have that requires settings to be reconfigured or reset is BeWeather. but their newest version offers a backup/restore feature built in. this absolutely comes in handy for OS updates. there are ways to back up 3rd party apps, but no way to back up their settings unless the feature is built into the app itself.
    03-30-10 02:23 AM
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    Usually, when I do an OS upgrade, I do a full system backup with Desktop Manager first. This is a "just in case" backup. Then, I run the OS upgrade on my desktop/laptop and I still have the upgrade do a backup for me. This saves me the time of having to go download everything again. Unfortunately, this will still require having to enter in login information on some 3rd party apps (Facebook, for example) or I still have to agree to Terms of Condition in some applications.

    Remember, you are basically wiping the device of that information. I just ran the official Verzion 5.0 OS upgrade for my BlackBerry Tour about an hour ago and I had to go through the process again.

    Are you saying that you had to re-download and install your 3rd party applications and then configure them? Or were the applications on your device but you just had to provide login/account information/registration codes for some of them? If you had to re-download everything then obviously, the backup screwed up somehow. Also, I have about 20 3rd-party applications on my device and it certainly did not take "hours" to reconfigure them.

    03-30-10 02:39 AM
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    Guys: I have searched Cberry for an answer. I had a Tour (Verizon) which died on me and I just got the replacement phone yesterday. I had just upgraded to OS 5.0.0.xxx last week on the old phone and done a backup.

    With the new phone, I did an upgrade yesterday from OS 4.7 it came with to and then restored my data using DM and all my 3rd party apps are gone. Had to download all of them again (and me Memo app and all it's data is gone-baby-gone...SAD)...GRRRRR. What did I do wrong? When I updraded the OS on my old phone, I didn't have this problem, and it backed up the whole phone in the process I thought.

    There must be an easier way to back up and restore your whole system AND the 3rd party apps. I'm I clueless? This is the first time I've had to set up a replacement BB since I got my original Tour. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!

    ps: One of my very fave apps is the NY Times BB app which bypasses the browser and NYT mobile...it's a standalone reader app like the AP's newsreader. I've used it for a year, and when i upgraded to OS 5.xxx last week, it kept working fine. Now, since upgrading the OS to 5.xx on the new phone, when I try to download the NYT app it says it doesn't support the latest OS. Weird. I WAS using it on
    OS 5.xx last week after upgrading.

    Should I just downgrade back to 4.7? There are some things about the latest OS that I like. THANKS AGAIN.

    jpatrickdowns AT yahoo.com
    04-09-10 10:21 AM