1. rimhead's Avatar
    Recently migrated from a Treo to the 8330 w/Sprint. Love this BB, but missing some of the functionality of the SMS options on the Treo. Appreciate any guidance on potential solutions:

    1. Ability to ignore an incoming call, send the incoming call to voicemail and send a SMS message to the caller. (ie: I am in a meeting, if your matter is urgent, please text me)

    2. SMS Pop Up Alert, that brings the incoming SMS to the front of the screen and does not allow you to proceed with another task until you take action on the message (ie: close, respond, etc)

    We are creatures of habit and really liked these features, so hoping there is a solution out there for us Crackberrys.
    06-12-08 12:35 AM
  2. CTenn's Avatar
    1) Unfortunately, I know no fix for this other than simply going into your call log, hitting menu and composing a text message that way.

    2) You could use the "Today" theme which would show a portion of the SMS on your home screen, but texts will not overtake the program you currently have running. I personally like this as it does not immediately interrupt something I may be doing at the moment, but I guess it comes down to preference.
    06-12-08 12:44 AM
  3. myet01's Avatar
    See if AlertMatrix by RexWireless will do some of the stuff you are wanting to do.

    06-13-08 06:08 AM
  4. rpalumbo's Avatar
    Just what myetol mentioned, I heard AlertMatrix might be your solution, but I have ever used it.

    Also welcome to the "Crack"
    06-13-08 07:09 AM