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    I will be getting a replacement Storm 2 in the mail on Wednesday(VZW store was out and had to order one). I have a problem with the headphone jack thinking there are headphones in it when they are not sometimes.

    I was wondering what I need to do leading up to and once I get my replacement? I have used the Desktop Manager Backup program to backup my files. That should take care of my calender, memo, contacts, SMS and any files and stuff on my device....but what about apps. That is what I'm unsure about. How well do those transfer since they have licenses/registration codes?

    I have bought DynoStorm, Fingerprint Scanner, PatternLock, WeatherBug Elite from App World. From what I have read all I need to do is start App World on my new device and those apps will load on the new device from App World without a problem? Is this true?

    I have bought BerryBuzz, Call Blocker Pro, Meter Berry, Mileage Meter, QuickLaunch and SmrtGuard(1 Year Subscription) from MobiHand. From what it looks like I can use the Change Device ID and it will generate new codes for me on my new device? Is this all I have to do? Can anybody verify this or tell me what I do need to do for these apps?

    I have other free apps but those I can just download again.

    The last thing I'm curious how it will transfer or if it will be a problem is my one theme I have bough Halycon from Elecite. How do I get that loaded onto my new device?

    If there is anything I'm forgetting to do with backups or apps or anything else I should do before or when I have the replacement let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

    04-10-10 11:29 PM
  2. Esteve1's Avatar
    Device switch wizard will move everything over the themes may be tied to the old pin usually if you contact the seller of the software they will help you out.
    04-11-10 12:26 AM
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    after u get your new phone use the device switch wizard in desk top manager and all your apps will be transfered to your new phone, make sure you contact mobihand (contact us option) explain you switched phones and need your ur new pin # activated for the apps you purchased transfered to new phone (provide old / new pin ) to speed up service. may take a day or maybe hours but they will get back to you (took them one day to switch for me) when received my new phone

    **note** change id only changes the phone model in your account screen as to why you need to email them sooner the better (contact us option)
    also once you have new phone dont forget to go to smrtguard site and change your info for new phone to activate your account
    hope this helps you
    04-11-10 12:30 AM
  4. elecite.com's Avatar
    No need to worry on how to transfer it. If you login to your elecite.com account, you'll be able to resend the link from there to your new device

    The last thing I'm curious how it will transfer or if it will be a problem is my one theme I have bough Halycon from Elecite. How do I get that loaded onto my new device?

    04-11-10 02:39 AM
  5. mchruss03's Avatar
    Thanks you for the ideas all. I will try using the Device Switch Wizard and see how well that works. I was unaware of this program.

    Also I would like to thank elecite for replying to this message. It is really nice and surprising that you found this thread and I was talking about one of your themes and you replied. +1
    04-11-10 11:36 AM